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Philosophy and art

Рефераты, Лингвистические, Английский язык, БГУ
15 источников
2018 год
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Introduction 3
Chapter I. The problem of the interaction of philosophy and art 5
1.1. Specificity of philosophical knowledge 5
1.2. Similarity of philosophy and art 8
Chapter II. Art, Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Art 11
2.1. Difference of philosophy and art 11
2.2. Philosophy of art 12
2.3. Philosophy as art 18
Conclusion 24

Today we see the second birth of the theme of the interaction of art and philosophy, during the formation of the so-called postmodern culture, which in many respects contrasts itself with modernism. In postmodernism, philosophy and art are closely intertwined: the artistic-figurative structure of art penetrates into the abstract-logical constructions of philosophers.
The relevance of this topic lies in the fact that the dialogue space of the philosophy of art is continuously expanding and is affected by various socio-cultural factors. First, the process of globalization has a significant impact on dialogue and the formation of the paradigm of multiculturalism. Secondly, the changes in the sphere of social communications, the expansion of the sphere of information technologies, the emergence of the global information network of the Internet contributed to the emergence of this problem beyond the scientific interest of professional philosophers and artists. Thirdly, interdisciplinary genres are created in culture, in which philosophy and art are sometimes closely intertwined. We can say that philosophy begins to exist and be understood in the form of works of art, and art is based on the model of a philosophical work. As a result, philosophy acquires visible forms (for example, in the cinema), and art tries to emphasize the metaphysical content.
Actuality of work, in turn, determined the subject and object of our research, as well as its goals and objectives. The object of research of this work is the boundary between philosophy and art as a specific form of cognition of reality. The subject of the research is the identical, general and various, particular among these forms of social consciousness, which allows us to recognize the contradictoriness and complementarity of philosophy and art.

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