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British and Belarusian cousin

Курсовые, Лингвистические, Иностранные языки, БГУ
20 страниц
5 источников
2020 год
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Chapter 1. Features of Belarusian cuisine
1.1. The main ingredients of Belarusian cuisine
1.2 The peculiarities of meat and potato dishes in Belarusian cuisine
Chapter 2. Features of British cuisine
2.1 The main ingredients in British recipes
2.2 The traditions of eating in Britain

British cuisine has established a reputation for not being overly sophisticated but paying attention to the quality of ingredients that are usually locally sourced. The sauces and condiments of traditional British cooking are also comparatively simple and are used to enhance the natural flavor of food rather than alter it.
It should be noted that Belarusians are more active and traditional in terms of food preparation than the British. It is rare to find an Englishman or a Scotsman pickling mushrooms or tomatoes, not to mention cucumbers. In the modern world, a Belarusian will cope with this task easily with the onset of autumn, while a Briton just goes off and buys cold fast food in a supermarket.
It turned out that breakfast most of all the British appreciate, as it energizes them for the whole day. The British people traditionally prefer to have a thorough breakfast, such as oatmeal, with the addition of condensed milk and cream. In addition, they happily eat cornflakes for breakfast, washed down with fresh fruit juice. Then they move on to scrambled eggs and bacon, as well as delicious bread and jam. For dinner, the British prefer vegetable puree soups. It is interesting to note that English desserts, even by world standards, are considered the highest achievement of the culinary art. Here are just a few of them: "English apple pie"; "Caramel pudding"; "Cornish pasti" - a puff pastry pie with various fillings; Simnel is a fruit pie with almond paste.

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